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Ontario (That's how specific I'll get), OO, ca
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Now that I've graduated, I feel safe to say that I went to a self-direct learning school where we worked on our courses at our own pace. Therefor, I have never been to a normal high school; all I can do is imagine what a normal high school is like. I don't know how exactly this happened, but my mom is a Roman Catholic and my Dad is a Muslim. I myself grew up Catholic because I lived with my mom. I consider myself a "Liberal Catholic" because I respect my religious teachings but I don't use them to justify being judgemental of people who aren't Catholic. I am also a supporter of Gay Rights. If you asked what my racial identity is, I would say "mixed". I use to consider myself black because both of my parents are mixed black. However, there are some people who do get confused when I say I'm black yet I look "light skinned". As far as I'm aware of, mom is mixed white, black, and Aboriginal Caribbean (Carib and Arawak), whereas my dad is mixed black and Arab. My mom is from St. Lucia and my dad is from South Africa, but I don't consider myself either St. Lucian or South African. Since those are ethnic (not racial) identities, I feel that one should identify with those cultures if they have been influenced by them. I feel that I have little influence from both cultures, so I just consider myself Canadian. Even though I don't consider myself St. Lucian, my common user name is STLUCIANIDOL91 for cocky reasons. I got the impression that St. Lucia, being a small island, would like to make big deals of people who have connections to St. Lucia. If I go out and do something big for the world, I assume that the St. Lucian community would make a big deal because my mom is St. Lucian, so they would idolize me. I know, doesn't that sound conceited? lmao
Ontario, Canada :-)
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umm..."Liberal Catholic"
*sigh* I miss peforming music :'{
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I'm mostly into pop, funk, soul. hip hop, and rock. Artists I like to listen to include: Michael Jackson Paula Abdul Janet Jackson Missy Elliott Kanye West Beyonce Rihannah Chris Brown The Beatles Sergio Mendes Black Eyed Peas The Four Tops The Jackson(s) (5) All American Rejects (starting to get into them) Katy Perry
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Surprisingly, it's still American Idol. Also love The Simpsons & Deserate Housewives

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